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Become part of something NEW and exciting in a community that has come a long way. We never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve Fort Lauderdale Central City by pairing local businesses and art.

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Apply by January 31 and Save

Thank you for applying to be part of ART13

we are happy to have you in this new endeavor in a community spearheaded to greatness.

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Dear Artists

We are inviting you to be part of our upcoming art fair - ART13 . This will be a weekend long art event starting on Thursday March 5, 2020 and ending on Sunday March 8th, 2020.

The concept of this event is to bring local businesses and artist together,  where local business owners will host an artist or artists by showcasing and artist work of art in their place of business. Visual, performance, public art, sculptures, photography, painters, muralist… are welcomed to participate. Booth vendors are also available.

Our goal is to display your work of art that best relates to a participating HOST. Applications will be accepted until February 22, 2020.  Register early and get discounted application fee $30 until January 31, 2020. After the fee is $50.00 

Art sale will be on a 50/50. (please fill out full application).

ART13 has been created with the purpose of continuing our community development and enhancement thru the ARTS in Fort Lauderdale’s Central City - 13 Street.


I , ____________________________________________________________________agree to  participate as an artist in ART13,  March 5- March 8, 2020.  My art work(s) medium is _____________________________. ART13 will assign me to the host that best suits my work. Unless otherwise agreed upon artists understand that art viewing will take place during HOST business hours.


Artist Name                                                                                             Date                


Cell Phone:  _______________________________Email:_____________________________

Print Clearly

                  - - 305-310-7155 


  1. Hanging wall space limited to 24”x36”. Artists may purchase more than one space.

  2. Artists will be required to drop off art work on their assigned date to the HOST address provided by Art13.

3. Artist are responsible to pick up their artwork on the date the will be assigned to them after the event. Failure to do so a  $10 fee will apply for every day the art is not picked up and stored.

4. Artist are expected to be at their Host location during pick hours of the event in order to meet and greet and sale.

5. Your Artwork should be reasonably priced.

6. No sawtooth hangers will be permitted.

7. Proper, stable wiring or secure D-Hooks required.

8. Smaller  than 8” not require wiring if it cab be hung on a nail.

9. Make the Frame pretty and stable.

10. Clean and free of debris matts clean glass/plexiglas.

11. Non-canvas works displayed in frames/matts must be backed with support board, no buckling, wrinkle  or loose work

12. Unframed canvas must be gallery wrapped.

13. The canvas stretcher bars should be stable and secure.

14. No wet paint will be accepted.

15. All photos must be framed.

16. Sculpture and 3D Works must be stable and secure. Pedestal ready and provided by the artist.

17. Artist is may or may not required to be available when the curator sets it up.

18. Performing Artists must be available to perform during time agreed upon.

19. Artists and Hosts are encouraged to use 

#art13 #fortlauderdalecentralcityartturnup #fortlauderdaleartscene #calle13

ART13  will not be responsible for loss, claims or damages resulting from exhibiting your work. Any need for insurance is the artist responsibility. 


50% Artists

10% Host

10% Bullies N Beyond Rescue    

10% Save A Sato

10% H.O.M.E.S, Inc  

10% South Florida Lending Hands

This page will updated as needed

Artist Application: Text
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