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Lara Cugno has a decade of art-based community service in Fort Lauderdale. She is currently an Art/Music therapist at Yacholet center in Hollywood. In addition to serving on the board of Mass District, she is also a resident artist having created several works that include three murals, and she is currently an exhibiting artist at the Ilan Pop Gallery. As a survivor of sexual assault, she is a pioneering advocate for Marsey’s Law, which is a victim’s advocate law, which she was instrumental in helping to get passed. She is all about loving yourself and spreading love to all. She uses a variety of media including upcycled furniture, canvas and murals. She was proudly featured in Victoria Park in Isles magazine for her community artwork.


Rashme Sawhney

Rashme continues to persue art’s through self - education. Living in Florida with her husband, after her retirement as an auditor from Government Service, she decided to pursue her passion for oil painting. Rashme and her husband love to travel, and she will often use pictures from her travels as inspiration for her paintings.  As an emerging artist, she borders on both fine and abstract expressionist, often combining the two. She is a lover of nature and her work will often include  mountains, ocean, boats, underwater life, natural landscapes in oil and acrylic pour on canvas; although she has recently started experimenting with alcohol inks and other mediums. 

She prefers her paintings to be bright and colorful. Here she is presenting small canvas - original paintings, using several different mediums- multimedia, alcohol ink, acrylic markers and oil paints. Presenting fine, abstract, and cubism method’s of painting.


Ellen Cohen Berman

Hi!  I hope you enjoy the art in my Little Art Gallery.

On the lower level, I have created miniature versions of three of my Raku-fired ceramic sculptures that are made of clay and ceramic glazes using foam craft, glue and acrylic paint.  From left to right the sculptures are titled “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” “Dangling Hexagons,” and “Three Geos.”  I have also created a miniature version of my mixed media sculpture “A Dozen Calla Lilies.”  The original sculpture’s round base is repurposed steel topped with twelve steel black-smithed stems and ceramic Raku-fired calla lilies.  I created the miniature version using Styrofoam for the base, copper wire for the stems and two-part epoxy dough to create the calla lilies that I painted with acrylic paints.

On the top level you will see various 4” x 4” paintings on aluminum that I used a small grinder on to create a reflective quality to the industrial solvent dyes I painted them with. There are also two clocks I used acrylic paints to create. 

Please contact me if you would like to see my original artworks depicted in my Little Art Gallery at

My practice focuses on my domestic life, a life lived in, during, and around art. I work in series, usually on several pieces at a time, in different stages of completion. In many ways, my practice resembles the chaos and entropy of life in a house with children, roommates, animals – the sameness is different on a daily basis. 

I find still lifes throughout the house, and translate them onto canvas, at much larger than real life scale. Imagine a dish drainer 60” X 72”, with giant dishes and utensils. I love working with oil paint, the smell, the colors, the amazing mixing capabilities. For the little gallery, I stayed away from the “white box” of a professional gallery, to give the viewer a feeling of viewing the paintings as they might in their own home.


Holly Forbes

My little art gallery is a mini showcase of four collections of my paintings, providing a delightful glimpse into my creations over the past 2 years.
Collection 1 is an imaginative spin-off from my "Finding Peace" collection.
Collection 2 features a series called, "A Whole Lotta Love" which celebrates the beauty of self-love and affirmation. These heartwarming paintings are designed to serve as a daily reminder to cherish and love yourself.
Collection 3 offers an exclusive glimpse into my larger collection, "The COOL People."
Collection 4 consists of an array of artistic merchandise, including tote bags, t-shirts, tank tops, swimsuits, and mugs, all inspired by my colorful creations. To learn more about Holly's Little Art Gallery creation go to:


Sherman Yee

Sherman Yee, an accomplished artist, delves into the realms of relationships and identities

through bold and expressive works. Sherman challenges societal norms, striving to normalize

queer images within our visual landscape. With an expert command of color and form, they

craft engaging and emotive artworks that incite introspection and evoke profound emotions.

Sherman believes in art's power to foster dialogue and understanding, with the ultimate goal of

contributing to a more inclusive society. Through his visionary creations, he invites viewers to

question, learn, and empathize, transcending barriers and forging connections in the ever-

evolving tapestry of human relationships and identities.


Chuck Prescott


Maria Alejandra Castro

From the memory of my last trip to the sea, I made some illustrations of how beautiful it was to feel the water, the sand, the light, the color and in general the life that surrounds us and embraces us with a fresh and at the same time warm sensation. Small, colorful fish approached gently and began to bite our feet, giving us a joyful sensation of being alive in the midst of the immensity and respect that nature inspires. I decided to translate all that experience into a 3D illustration, a Diorama that tries to get closer to the simple, unique and unrepeatable sensation of trying to be present and as in a hypnotic game of reflections like diamonds that get into the eyes, that come and go with the light on the water and it moves gently and immerses us in a trance that leads to ecstasy of the power of small things.

Alejandra Castro


Denise Tucker

“Going To The Dogs”
With sincere appreciation, 
From the furry dogs & strolling cats seeking something different to see on the streets of Fort Lauderdale…
My Little Art Gallery - created and curated by:
“Typically, our humble domesticated pet lives are filled with walks, dining, naps, scratching, licking & human games like catch, pull, hide & seek…  No one ever considered that we’d appreciate our own dog & cat art gallery, thanks Tucker for seeing what was missing!  Enjoy viewing her artistic interpretation of mixed media acrylic paintings depicting local canines and felines for your viewing pleasure, hanging out inside Tucker’s Little Art Gallery!  Thanks for thinking of us Tucker!  We’re barking, purring & squatting, all over this whimsical installation!”  


Constance Ivana


Suzanne Barton

My affinity for water and passion for photography spawned my Underwater Art Series.In

August of 2015, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines commissioned two pieces of Underwater

Fine Art for the ship "Harmony of the Seas".There is a new emotional resonance in every

movement captured "under the surface".My work highlights the beauty of our waters,the

vast array of cultural arts, whimsical fantasy, and "the blue mind effect" from an

underwater perspective. It is unique and captivating. I hope my art brings joy to the

senses and leaves you transformed as well.

Aqua Vitea

In, around, through,

sensation suspended in

the stuff of life, where

art and artist blur and merge,

until it is simply impossible,

utterly undesirable,

to determine where one begins

or the other ends

in a world so ancient that

ever retains genesis as

I float and dance,

twist and turn with no thought

to what comes next,

lost in the moment,

found in the next.

That's how I roll!


Frank Polanco
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